Structurally Complete

So for this iteration, our main focus was to complete the main rooms with each aspect of emotions. We divided the 4 rooms between 4 of us, and had the last person obtain sounds and music to add to the game later. Christian worked on the Anxiety room, but ran into a couple issues so Brendan took over for him and got it working. We had Claire prepare some sprites for the Anxiety pieces, so we can add them in the next iteration. We shaped them to look like broken pieces of glass, since we felt that having simple triangle shapes might be too dull. Brendan took control of finishing up the Fear level, and also made and completed the Sadness level. I, Scott, took care of the Anger level, though we will make some revisions to the physical look of Anger. Alex managed to get some neat particle effects, but unfortunately most of them didn't work by the time we were finishing up for Wednesday, so we only have the effects for Fear. We didn't work on the end scene but we'll attempt to work on it by next week. We ran into some difficulties with Perforce, but thankfully Dr. William and Dr. Bobby were able to get the issues resolved. Overall, this iteration was a success, as we managed to get a majority of the main structure of the game done.

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Feb 28, 2018

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