Formally Complete

This iteration, we've managed to complete all of the levels, including the main menu and the ending scene. We felt that there needed to be some sort of resolution to the game, so we've made the ending scene to help bring the experience to a proper close. The main menu was added obviously to help filter the gameplay on start up. All of the scene mechanics are working as intended, with minor alterations to variables that will be added in the future. Overall, a majority of the game is finished, and now we just need to ensure particle systems are working and details are fixed.

Speaking of particle systems, we ran into a couple hiccups trying to get them imported and added into the game correctly, or at least saved into the Perforce files. As a result, we had to go back and forth to try and redo the particle systems, but it should be resolved by this iteration.

Another hard part was the sound effects and music being added into the game. While we had some sound effects gathered already by Claire, we felt that these sound effects were not quite right to fit in some of the scenes. As a result, we had to drop some of them in favor of ones found elsewhere. We felt bad about discarding someone's work, but we believe that sometimes we need to be willing to sacrifice efforts for something in order to make the game progress. We might be able to add one or two others.

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