Final Iteration

Much of our focus for this final iteration was putting in the feedback granted by some of the peers who played the game. It was basically lacking the affection we were going for, so we decided to improve on a couple things. We added a notable progression in the companion character, so that the player can definitively see that their work is paying off. We replaced some of the sounds with better ones, since the previous ones were either not fitting with the overarching theme or too low. We decided to keep the narration in place, as we think it helps to convey the story in a unique way, even though no narration could provide a completely different perspective. We also changed the mechanics of the anger level, because it wasn't inherent or obvious about having to stop moving for a few seconds, and it confused them further when the anger object would push them, but it would still work. So we made it that the player has to remain a close distance, but cannot stay too far away or close, else the anger object would burst into flames again.

We didn't quite communicate as much during this build, which may have caused some details to be left out, but we're overall satisfied with the end result. Everyone did a splendid job of telling exactly how they feel about certain aspects to the game, and we worked hard to incorporate those ideas into the gameplay narrative.


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Mar 19, 2018

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